We believe in quality. Quality is what brings us success. We bring a deeply PERSONAL, PASSIONATE and PRODUCTIVE approach to business that is founded on care, trust, partnership and mutual success. While this Vikasa Outsourcing model may seem pretty simple, no one else can or has been able to replicate it because it comes from our hearts. I personally plan to leave a legacy in this Outsourcing and honor the wonderful people who serve our clients each and every day.

We believe in customer satisfaction. Each customer, big or small, has their own requirements which need to be addressed. We believe that a strong process-oriented operation system can only be successful if combined with attentive, flexible, customer-oriented services.

We believe that loyal employees create satisfied customers. With an attrition rate of less than 10%, Vikasa Outsourcing possesses one of the most stable workforces compared with all other major offshore locations. We invest heavily to increase the social capital among our employees, creating a professional community with a unique culture.

So, if you are looking for a dedicated, reliable Outsourcing services partner; and, if you are looking to work with eager young professionals always willing to learn, welcome to Vikasa Outsourcing.

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